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Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines Empty Rules and Guidelines

Post  robin Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:19 pm

Welcome to the Forum!

To keep this place a safe place for everyone to connect with friends, create content and exchange ideas, we have some basic rules that apply to all content on the site.

Photos, profiles, groups, messages, comments are all considered content – anything you upload or add to the site.

If you upload content that violates our Terms of Service or our Community Guidelines, the content may be removed and your account may be suspended or cancelled.

Please DO…

Make friends and participate.
Upload photos and personalize your profile.
Treat members with kindness.
Share your thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner.
Be proud of who you are without insulting or degrading others; express your national pride constructively.
Help us keep Otaku safe for everyone by reporting abuse.

Please DO NOT…

Post anything that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual.
Post anything that is obviously offensive to the forum.
Harass or advocate harassment of another person or group. No cyberbullying!
Send junk mail, chain letters, or spam.
Spread lies or rumors.
Make personal attacks.
Promote illegal activities such as violence or drug use.
Post anything that is illegal, abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or slanderous.
Post nudity, pornography or sexually explicit content.
Solicit any personal information from anyone under 18 if you are over 18. This includes full name, address, email address, IM, and phone number.
Use this forum for commercial activities (which means that, unless you have our permission, you can’t use this forum for advertising, solicitation, contests, sweepstakes, pyramid schemes, etc).
Use the “report abuse” system unfairly or for silly reasons. These reports will be ignored and your account may be suspended for harassment.
Flood. Flooding is when you post the same or similar message over and over again. Even your friends will consider this spam.

A special note about Photos:

Please do not copy personal photos.
Please do not post a photo of another person without their permission.
Please do not post close up photos focused on private body parts.
Please do not post nude photos of yourself or anyone else.

** These Community Guidelines are designed to help you understand what behavior is and isn’t allowed on hi5. Please refer to the Terms of Service for a complete description of our user agreement.**

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